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The Tesla Owners Club of Australia (TOCA) was established in March 2016 by a group of enthusiastic owners. This Club is an Official Partner of the Tesla Owners Club Program, giving us access to information, activities and discounts that we pass on to our members.


OBJECTS AND PURPOSE of Tesla Owners Club of Australia Inc. (TOCA)

  1. Promote the ownership, potential ownership and/or enthusiasm by Members toward Tesla vehicles and other associated products and ventures of Tesla Inc. and affiliated entities. 
  2. Promote friendship, knowledge sharing and networking between members of TOCA on social media, and at social or other functions.
  3. Promote Tesla Inc.'s Mission Statement, wherever relevant for TOCA, through all and any opportunity and methods available to TOCA, as arise from time to time
  4. Promote and lobby, on behalf of our Members, matters of relevance pertaining to Tesla, electric vehicles, their use and cost, and other related matters, organisations or products.
  5. Operate as an Incorporated Club according to its Registered Rules, and, any Operational Procedures as determined from time to time by the TOCA Committee.

Our committee has (at least) twelve people at any given time, including four office bearer roles as required by the ACT Association Guidelines. 

Our office bearers are:


 Mark Tipping

 Model S P85D, Model S P100DL+ (VIC)

Vice President

 Jenny Potts

 Model 3P  (WA)


 Pete Thorne

 Model S 75D (NSW)


 Philip Playle

 Model 3P  (NSW)


And our ordinary committee members are:


Michael Barwell

Model S P85 (NSW)

QLD Chapter Pres.

Luke Smith

Model 3 (QLD)

WA Representative

Jonathon Edwards

Roadster (WA)

SA Representative

Zac Meyers

Model 3 (SA)

TAS Representative



NT Representative

Richard Smith

Model X 100D (NT)

NSW Representative

Ben Newman

Model X  (NSW)

VIC Representative

Dr Mark Sandford

Model S 75D, Model X 100D (VIC)

ACT Representative Kristy Chromicky Model 3 (ACT)
Loan Adaptor Manager Nick Di Paolo Model S (VIC)
Committee Member Adele Craven Model S P90DL (ACT)
Committee Member Garry Busowsky Model X P100D (VIC)


The Club runs national, interstate and local events throughout the year, including (but not limited to) drive days, get togethers, attendance at shows, charity events and track days. Some events will have Tesla staff attending. Specific details of events are available to members. However, if you would simply like further information, please contact your state representative.

 ACT ACT@teslaowners.org.au
 NSW NSW@teslaowners.org.au
 VIC VIC@teslaowners.org.au
 QLD QLD@teslaowners.org.au
 NT NT@teslaowners.org.au
 SA SA@teslaowners.org.au
 TAS TAS@teslaowners.org.au
 WA WA@teslaowners.org.au


If you are interested in organising or supporting an event, please get in touch and let us know where you are located!

October 2021
QLD - Charity Event - Interclub Regularity Challenge - Lakeside - Kurwongbah, Sun Oct 3
We're joining BMWCQ who are hosting an Interclub Charity Day. Put your team together for this year's event where we raise funds for our designated charities, Pay a Sack Forward and now EMERGE. A fun, lighthearted day where, just by attending, you can make a difference in someone's life.. ... more
WA - Early Bird Breakfast - Alkimoss, Sun Oct 10
Come along for breakfast and meet other TOCA members & friends. ... more
AU Webinar - Road Trip Tips - Wed Oct 13
Join us for a Road Trip Tips webinar.. ... more
WA - Vanadium Recovery | Pizzas and Presentation - O'Connor, Sat Oct 23
Critical Metals has been working on a project to recover Vanadium by processing slag obtained from a Scandinavian steel maker. . ... more
WA - Doctors for the Environment UWA - Crawley, Sun Oct 24
UWA will be hosting several presentations from high profile professionals speaking about the environment. . ... more

November 2021
WA - iDrive WA - Perth Airport, Thu Nov 4
With over 60 exhibitors displaying everything electric and fuel cell electric vehicles, energy, tracking and how to keep a fleet moving iDriveWA is the only event in Perth where the industry meets in one place.. ... more
AU - Long Drive to Lunch - Sun Nov 7
This is a national event, with each state holding a local drive to lunch. . ... more
WA - Long Drive to Lunch | Dowerin - Dowerin, Sun Nov 7
Join us for a drive to Dowerin in the heart of the Wheatbelt. . ... more
WA - Windfarm Tour | Mt Barker Overnight - Mt Barker , Fri Nov 19
Join us for a Wind farm tour and a weekend away in the beautiful South West - limited to 10 cars . ... more
VIC - Geelong Revival 2021 - Fri Nov 26
After an unfortunate cancellation in 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Geelong Revival Motoring Festival is set to take place on the last weekend of November; its traditional spot on the event calendar. The quarter mile sprint track along Richie Boulevard on Geelong’s picturesque waterfront will roar to life 26th – 28th November 2021 as Geelong Revival makes its triumphant return.. ... more

December 2021
WA - Christmas Meal - Bicton, Sat Dec 4
Join us for a Christmas meal . ... more
AU - Christmas Meal - Sat Dec 4
This is a national event, with each state holding a local Christmas lunch or dinner. . ... more

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