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The Tesla Owners Club of Australia (TOCA) is active in organising a variety of events that are fun, interesting, educational, active, or all of the above. Each Australian State and Territory are very active in arranging events for members.  The events we organise include but are not limited to:
- Club Drives
- Coffee Clubs and Meet ups
- Education (Bootcamps) for new and prospective owners
- Supporting new owners events held by Tesla
- EV Car Shows
- Annual General Meetings
- Tesla LightShows
- Come and try Motorsport / Track days
- Lunches/Dinners
- Outdoor adventures
- Overnight stays
- Car rallies and mystery drives
- Information nights
- And pretty much any event our members want to do.
State Representatives are:
ACT - Kate Hetherington
NSW - Steven Du
VIC - Les Posen
QLD - Arran Blomfield
NT - Richard Smith
SA - Mark Piantedosi
TAS - Charles Gregory
WA - Chris Johnson

And here is where you come in... Although each State leaders will be organising events, we strongly encourage your involvement. Each State has an events sub-committee who assist with planning and organising events for the Club.  Working with your State Representative, perhaps you could arrange an event.  It's quite rewarding and fun. Got any great ideas? Send them through to your State Representative!  We want you to be active and to participate in events you enjoy!


So bring on those ideas and let's get together more often!


Event Categories:  Adventure ; Bootcamp; Coffee Club; Car Care; Short Drive; Long Drive; Expo; Family EventMeet and Greet; Motorsports; Overnight Stays



Events Listing

Date: Saturday 27th Jul 2024  10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Coffee Club
Details: ACT and Regional NSW coffee club 27th July  Read More...
Date: Wednesday 31st Jul 2024  10:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Coffee Club
Location: Ebenezer
Details: Join TOCA NSW friends for coffee @ Ebenezer  Read More...
Date: Saturday 10th Aug 2024  8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Long Drive
Details: Join Us for a fun drive with members from Toowoomba touring around Esk, Hampton to Katoomba Point Lookout then lunch at Toowoomba City Golf Club  Read More...
Date: Saturday 10th Aug 2024  11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Meet and Greet
Location: Derwent Park
Details: Come and help celebrate the grand opening of Tesla's Hobart showroom and service centre in Derwent Park!  Read More...
Date: Sunday 18th Aug 2024  9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Details: 1/4 Mile Drag Race Day Event 
Date: Friday 4th Oct 2024  10:00 PM - Monday 7th Oct 2024  12:00 PM
Location: Beechworth
Details: Fancy a bike ride along old disused railway lines (or is it disused!)? Open to all fitness levels and ages, this trip is fully flexible. Do the whole weekend away or just a day. Possibility of adding on a day to the above dates depending on consensus.  Read More...
Date: Sunday 27th Oct 2024  9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: Stirling
Details: TOCA ACT is running a "Bootcamp" familiarisation course for new Tesla owners, the not so new, and for potential owners. The sessions are designed so that participants will know how to get the very best experience out of their car by showing its features, maintenance and care, and learning everything about Teslas and EVs in general.  Read More...
Date: Friday 1st Nov 2024  9:00 AM - Sunday 3rd Nov 2024  4:00 PM
Location: Hobart
Details: The Australian Electric Vehicle Association will be hosting their national conference and expo in Hobart this year. Come and make a road trip out of it!  Read More...
Date: Saturday 30th Nov 2024  9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Details: TOCA National is organising a track day for TOCA Members only to drive their cars around the track at Pheasant's Wood in the way they were designed to be driven - F A S T TTTTTTTTTT. No experience required.  Read More...

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