Adapter Loan Program

The Adapter Loan Program is a free service offered to TOCA Members who own a Tesla.  Access to the Program is via the Members Area Page accessible only with a TOCA Member logon.


The below information is for non-members who are considering joining TOCA and wish to know more about the Adapter Loan Program (cables loan).  TOCA Members must log onto the website and view the full set of rules and access the Adapter Loan Request form under that Members Area page.


Generally, under the Program, TOCA will mail out the cables to your address or secure location at the Club's expense.  At the end of the loan period Members are responsible for couriering the cables back to TOCA or to the next Member requesting the loan at the sender's expense (i.e. the Member currently holding the cables).  At times, cables/adapters may be available for Members to pick up in a Capital City but this is at the discretion of the State Representative, Member holding the cables, and availability of the adapters/cables in that State.


TOCA only holds a certain number of adapters/cables and while we attempt to accommodate all requests, it may be that there are no cables available for the period requested.


The Adapter Loan Program is designed for short term use and cannot be used as a permanent solution to purchasing a set of cables. It is designed for Members who rarely use individual cable types and may require them for a one off trip, thereby obviating the need to purchase an expensive cable or adapter for little future use.  New Tesla owners awaiting the install of a Home Charger may loan a cable if there are no competing bookings for up to the maximum period allowable under the rules.


Some of the rules for the Adapter Loan Program are below and provide general information to all interested.


  1. Only Full TOCA Members may use the Adapter Loan Program.
  2. To book an adapter, please use the appropriate form available under the "Members Only" section of the website.  Please remember to log onto the website using your user name and password otherwise the page will be hidden from view and unavailable.
  3. Use of adaptors is for travel by members outside of the Tesla Supercharger and Destination Charger network. Use of adaptors for other reasons, (e.g. getting familiar with their use) is allowable provided borrower agrees to immediately relinquish the loan adaptor(s) if requested by the Adaptor Loan Program Manager.
  4. Adapters must be booked at least 7 business days prior to requested Start Date. 
  5. Maximum loan period is 4 weeks, but in certain circumstances (e.g. travelling around Australia) can be extended up to 8 weeks at the discretion of the Committee.
  6. Adapter must be returned or sent to the next Borrower no later than the second day after the Finish Date (if next Borrower has been advised by Adapter Loan Program Manager). 
  7. Adapter must be in a usable condition for the next borrower. If there is an issue, please advise the next owner and the Adapter Loan Program Manager ASAP to enable alternate plans to be made.
  8. Any non-usable Adapters will be replaced/repaired at the last borrower's expense.
  9. All postage charges from TOCA base shall be paid in advance to TOCA's bank account to be received seven days prior to the Start Date. If this is not possible, the adapter(s) will be posted at TOCA's expense and the Member is to reimburse TOCA on delivery of the adapter to the member
  10. All return postage charges to TOCA's base shall be at the borrower's expense. Such postage charges need only be at regular Parcel Post service.
  11. All Adapters posted must be well packaged in a sturdy box with internal padding as required to prevent transit damage. Additionally, all posted Adapters must be insured (available when posting) for their value.
  12. All postal charges or organising a drop-off, and transit packaging, between the next Borrower and the current Borrower, shall be worked out between the Borrowers.
  13. The Borrower, by requesting any Adapters under this program, does so with in full knowledge and acceptance of these rules, and, further, gives their express undertaking that they will be liable for any loss or damage whilst they have such Adapters under their control and/or in their possession. The Borrower acknowledges and agrees that the decision of the TOCA Office Bearers as to whose liability and how much loss has been incurred will be final and binding upon that Borrower.
  14. Borrowers who do not 'play fair' will be refused further access to this service.
  15. Limits of borrowing will apply if one Borrower is constantly booking and borrowing adapters to the detriment of other Borrowers that are missing out.
  16. Borrowers must show, when required, that they have forward planned their journey and their request for one or more adapters is based on actual intended use at an establishment with that type of charger system. To be clear, this borrowing program is not intended for Members that borrow adapters just in case they MAY need them.