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AU - Driver Training
Aug 1

AU - Driver Training

Date & Time
1 August 2021 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


This event is a placeholder to let you know that each state will be hosting a Driver Training day on this date.


You can register to attend once your state event goes live.

Event Type
Driver Training
Contact Details
Jenny Potts
0423 000 004

Wednesday 7th Jul 2021
AU - New Owners Bootcamp (Webinar)
A friendly forum to answer all your questions regarding your new car. ...
Friday 13th Aug 2021 - Monday 30th Aug 2021
Nullarbor 2021 to align with AGM - Dates TBC
Currently working on a Nullarbor road trip 2021 to coincide with AGM. Dates TBC. Eucla, just inside WA is beautiful location high on the escarpment with an expansive view over the endless coastal plain. 3 days drive from Port Augusta. 2 if you really push it. 3-4 days from Perth. Register if you are potentially interested. NUMBERS LIMITED AND TAKEN IN ORDER OF REGISTRATION ...

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