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AU - Long Drive to Lunch
Sep 4

AU - Long Drive to Lunch

Date & Time
4 September 2021 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

This event is a placeholder to let you know that each state will be hosting a Long Drive to Lunch on this date.


You can register to attend once your state event goes live.

Event Type
Drive & Lunch
Event Location
Check your state event for location details

Sunday 29th Aug 2021
QLD - Toowoomba EV and E-Bike Expo hosted by Toowoomba
Many models of EVs and E-Bikes for inspection. Get the real story about EVs and E-bikes from people who own & use them. ...
Wednesday 13th Oct 2021
AU Webinar - Road Trip Tips
Join us for a Road Trip Tips webinar. ...

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