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QLD - Charity Event - Interclub Regularity Challenge - Lakeside
Oct 3

QLD - Charity Event - Interclub Regularity Challenge - Lakeside

by BMW Club Queensland
Date & Time
3 October 2021 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Be sure to both register here and buy a ticket on the BMWCQ site! Tickets are $195 - but be sure to bring some extra cash on the day for fines, bribes, and other charity fun!


There is also the option of Happy Laps and a hot breakfast in addition to, or instead of, participating in the Regularity. Note that if you do both be sure to not miss the compulsory drivers briefing for the Regularity!


Please also buy tickets or simply donate to these great causes here! You don't need to be there on the day to win!


If you have four cars who want to be in a team with each other, please all use the same team name for the BMWCQ registration. Otherwise, you'll be added to TOCA teams randomly.



We're joining BMWCQ for an Interclub Charity Day.  Put your team together for this year's event where we raise funds for our designated charities, Pay a Sack Forward and now EMERGE.  A great fun, lighthearted day where, just by attending, you can actually make a difference in someone's life.


The event is Regularity style, meaning it's ideal for the experienced track driver as well as the less experienced enthusiast. Regularity is about driving consistently to your nominated lap time, after a practice session, scoring points for the lap times you are away from that nominated time. The person and team with the lowest accumulated score for the day will be announced as the winners.


We have raised over $50,000 in the previous 5 years of the event, for our local charities with the proceeds from this wonderful day, let's hope we can increase that this year.


Please put your team of four together and represent your club in this fun day.


Why not put a group of friends together in a team, or even a team from your work and a tax-deductible sponsorship from your employer?


If you don't have a team, don't worry, we can put you in a team of similar cars.


The entry cost is just $195 per car, for a full day of fun.  Both registered and unregistered cars allowed.  Being a motorsport event will mean clothing rules will apply, being helmets and neck to wrist to ankle clothing and closed shoes.  Motorcycle helmets are acceptable either open or closed face, (Closed face for open top vehicles).  Clothing only needs to be a long sleeve cotton T shirt and jeans.


These are the rules for the event, please read and make yourself familiar with the format: Interclub Regularity Challenge Details and Rules.pdf


We are also looking for raffle prizes for the day, so if you or your business can provide anything to help it would be appreciated.


If you require any other information, please feel free to call or email me.

Event Type
Track day
Event Location
Lakeside Park Raceway
Lakeside Rd
Kurwongbah QLD 4503
Contact Details
Queensland President Luke Smith

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