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Sep 22

VIC - UPDATED - Advanced Driver Training at Sandown Raceway

Registrations Closed
Date & Time
22 September 2022 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
(UTC+10:00) Australia/Sydney

Registrations Are Closed

As mentioned via email last week, I have been working with Performance Driving Australia to organise an Advanced Driver Training at Sandown International Raceway which will include extensive track coaching. I will update this event as more details come to hand.

While the event is located in Victoria, drivers are welcome to come down from other states.



  • It is fine for there to be multiple drivers in a single vehicle, they just will put the first driver at the front of the queue allowing time for the second driver to enter the car and take over and join the back of the queue.
  • I am not sure when we need to lock down numbers, but please register ASAP. If we don't get the numbers up over 20 then we will have to postpone the event!

Location: Sandown International Raceway, Springvale


  • The course will cost around $850 each, with final price likely less than this depending on numbers. While fairly expensive, it should be noted that this is not just a simple track day but a proper training course with defined outcomes so everyone will get a lot more out of it.
  • Your car insurance should cover you for the day since this is driver training and not a compoetitive timed track event. If you are unsure, contact your insurance provider to confirm since the club and training organisation will have no responsibility for any damage or injury incurred on the day.
  • Clothing is long sleeves, long pants and closed shoes.
  • Helmets are mandatory and must meet appropriate Australian (AS1698), CAMS or FIA standards and be under 10 years old. The training organiser has helmets available to rent for the day.
  • A cheap motorcycle helmet might be appropriate, but if you are going to do more motorsport, there are better options. I have organised for Revolution Racegear to give us a rundown on the types of safety equipment available and will post this as a separate event for a Saturday morning at their store in Mitcham.
  • All training will be done in your own vehicle, since there is very little point in understanding how someone else's vehicle handles! You will be responsible for making sure that your vehicle is in good condition on the day, and one of the first exercises will be a walkaround of our vehicles to verify and identify any issues.


The text below is taken from the course designed for TOCA by Performance Driving Australia.


Performance Driving Australia deliver not only driver training programs to thousands of drivers in Australia each year but also host corporate driving events and track days.

The Tesla Owners Performance Driver Training program combines theory and practical skill building to assist drivers both on the road and on the track.


Our team of outstanding trainers have decades of experience and present the theory component of the program in an interactive and participant driven format which provides participants with a stronger sense of self accomplishment that reaches beyond the classroom and into their everyday lives.

We establish a connection between participants real life experiences and basic driving techniques and road rules and combine this with engaging shared experiences and stories, to ignite a sense of accomplishment and autonomy for each participant.

There will be an online defensive driving theory component to be completed before the event.


Practical training is delivered in a safe and controlled environment that allow drivers to explore how they and their vehicle will respond in a range of emergency situations.

A key principle in the delivery of our program is to relate learning points to real-life examples through engaging participants in hands-on experiences.

Our goal is to provide drivers with the skills and knowledge to operate a vehicle safely even in adverse conditions

Outside activities (AM)

Vehicle Inspection – Drivers are shown how to complete a vehicle safety inspection.

  • Cabin setup (seating and steering)
  • Defensive Driving

Practical session (AM)

Practical exercises are designed to encourage safe driving by demonstrating the effect of speed when negotiating an emergency and the importance of correct car control techniques.

  • Emergency braking in a straight line conducted at various speeds
  • Collision avoidance at various speeds

Advanced Driving Session (PM)

Open Track laps with the coaching and tuition of driver coaches. Drivers will be grouped depending on confidence/competence levels. This reduces the frequency of overtaking and provides a more enjoyable experience for all drivers. 

Event Location
Racecourse Drive
Springvale VIC 3171
Venue Phone
Contact Details
Mr Richard Laxton

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