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EOI - USA SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch, Austin and Boca Chica trip - 2023
Apr 01

EOI - USA SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch, Austin and Boca Chica trip - 2023

Start Date
01-Apr-2023 9:00 am
End Date
30-Apr-2023 10:00 am
(UTC+11:00) Australia/Sydney

On our recent trip into the high country, we got to talking about SpaceX launches and the number of Falcon Heavy launches planned for the next year. Why not take a bunch of TOCA space nuts and take in as much of the USA as we can somewhere between late March - April 2023?

Tentative activities will include:

  • Falcon Heavy Launch, hopefully with return to launch site boosters so we can see booster landing as well
  • Possibly another Falcon 9 launch (could be Starlink or Polaris Dawn human mission)
  • Other rockets launching during the days that we are in Florida (Amazon Kuiper is ramping up for example on ULA Atlas V)
  • Meetup with TOC Florida members including time with a Model S Plaid
  • Road trip from Florida to Austin Texas (ideally in EVs depending on how many people come on the trip)
  • Visit Austin Gigafactory - Unlikely to get a tour since it is still classified as a construction site, but we will try
  • Time with the Cybertruck since the first deliveries may have happened by this time. Either through Tesla, Turo or a Tesla Club member in the USA
  • Road trip to Boca Chica to observe Starbase and any activities going on at that time. If we get lucky, this might include Starship/SuperHeavy testing or even an orbital launch.

If you are interested then register for this event, and we can work out the details together. Keep an eye out for the registration email since it will contain instructions on how to contribute to the organisation and stay on top of the trip.

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Mr Richard Laxton

Saturday 14th Jan 2023
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