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ACT TOCA - Information Only Page - Rail Trail Biking Experience - Victoria North and Central
Oct 04

ACT TOCA - Information Only Page - Rail Trail Biking Experience - Victoria North and Central

Start Date
04-Oct-2024 10:00 pm
End Date
07-Oct-2024 12:00 pm
(UTC+10:00) Australia/Sydney

TOCA Members Only Event


****Information Page Only***. Full event details and registrations can be accessed by logging on with your TOCA website credentials and selecting the registration version of this event.


TOCA ACT is planning a rail trail riding event for those interested in a leisurely (or faster) bike ride along old disused railway tracks (well, that's what they tell me - get off the track if you hear a whistle) around the scenic Victorian countryside.  All fitness levels are welcome.


The ACT TOCA are planning a weekend event in Beechworth, Victoria.  BYO bike or hire one in Beechworth or Yackandandah.  There are several tracks we can tackle - the Shelly to Tallangatta, Beechworth to Bright/Wangaratta/Yackandandah/Bright - there are plenty of options.  The track is suitable for Touring, Mountain, Electric or Hybrid bikes.  The trails are paved some of the way and very smooth riding.


Children are welcome but parents may need to do a turnaround early with them as the trails can be quite long (Shelley to Tallangatta is 47 kms). Not suitable for younger children.


Rail Trail Information and History

Beechworth to Bright Rail Trail

The Beechworth to Bright Rail Trail journey uses several rail trail sections.  This includes the Beechworth to Everton Station, Everton Station to Myrtleford, and Myrtleford to Bright totalling 72 kms.  Those less adventurous can start the ride at Myrtleford and ride Myrtleford to Bright (30kms - about the same distance as the circuit around Lake Burley Griffin).  The trail takes us through a partly sealed track meandering through the spectacular Indigo Shire.  The rail trail is a world class cycling adventure.  The trail is largely open for all to enjoy.


Murray to Mountains Rail Trail – Rail Trails Australia


High Country Rail Trail

Shelley to Tallangatta

  • Experience history, Lake Hume, one of Australia’s largest reservoirs, high timber bridges and the foothills of the High Country
  • The trail traverses farmland near the shores of Lake Hume and forest at Shelley, once Victoria’s highest railway station
  • The trail is undulating to Bullioh with some moderate gradients. Bullioh to Shelley is all uphill at the steepest gradient trains could manage. Plan your trip
  • Trail surface is of varying quality beyond Old Tallangatta
  • The 600m Sandy Creek bridge is a scenic landmark

High Country Rail Trail


From Family to Keen Trail Bikers

We plan to keep the trip open to all skill, fitness and age levels.  Again, depending on numbers, groups will be the leisurely, intermediate, and extremers.  While the aim is not to race but to see the sights, there may be some in the group who are interested in pushing through the trail.  Everyone can ride at their own pace.


Last year, we ran a similar biking experience in Yackandandah and everyone had a great time.  The group had a mix of serious riders and social riders, and we stopped at various points to allow a regrouping so no one is left behind.


It is also a flexible event.  Those wishing to ride more can do so.  The options are endless on the rail trails.  Key note here is communication for safety purposes.


**Important Note:  This is a social car club biking event.  We are not a biking club so every endeavour is made so everyone enjoys the journey.  Reasonable downtime and if need be, rides cut short depending on our muscles!!  For the more serious riders, this does not prevent you from riding ahead but please let the group leader know that you are going it alone.  This note is to manage expectations and minimise any disappointment, including itinerary changes (ride lengths etc) based on the group and the event coordinator.


Carriage of Bikes

Individuals will need to arrange the carriage of their bikes in their vehicles.  You will need to either fit your bikes in your vehicle, use a bike rack, or carry your bikes in a trailer.  If you have a choice of bike racks etc, please bring the largest one with spare spaces - this makes the car shuttling a little easier as you can carry other bikes.  Alternatively, you can hire a bike from Beechworth (Tour Hire Shuttle | Cycle | Victoria's High Country ( ).  Plenty of time to have a tow bar installed too using one of our business partners ;)


Proposed Dates

Depart Canberra on Friday 4 October 2024 at 1600 hrs (4 pm) to meet other State TOCA members in Beechworth for an early breakfast on Saturday 5 October 2024.  Return Monday 7 October 2024 (ACT Public Holiday) or optional Tuesday 8 October 2024 for those wanting to make it an extra long weekend.  Weekenders and day trippers also welcome.  We will put out timings throughout the day for people wishing to join the group at any stage.


Register Now

This event was popular last year and we had to overflow to a second motel.  To allow for planning, please register early.  Numbers are limited.  Please don't email requesting a spot after the event is closed and keep an eye on the closing date - it may change based on registrations.


Registrations must be done via the duplicate event marked registrations in the list. Only TOCA Members who have logged in will see this registration event.

Event Location
Beechworth VIC
Contact Details
Kate Hetherington

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