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National Event - Motor Sports Track Day at Pheasant's Wood (NSW) - INFORMATION PAGE ONLY
Nov 30

National Event - Motor Sports Track Day at Pheasant's Wood (NSW) - INFORMATION PAGE ONLY

Date & Time
30 November 2024 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
(UTC+11:00) Australia/Sydney


  • TOCA Member event only.  Second drivers can be a non-member
  • Vehicles must be Teslas and must be owned by the TOCA Member attending the event
  • ADULT ONLY event - children supervised at all times by an adult may attend as a spectator
  • Cars are not insured while on the track. Owners are fully responsible for any financial loss suffered due to damage to their vehicle.
  • No exceptions or special circumstances will be granted.
  • Tickets purchased are non-transferrable and issued to the TOCA Member purchasing.
  • Minimum numbers apply for this event to be held (10 cars minimum)


A TOCA Track Day at the Pheasant's Wood Circuit, NSW, has been organised for Saturday 30 November 2024.  Bring your Model X, S, Ys and 3s for a day at the track (this is a Tesla only event - no other car brands please).  Professional drivers, including Super8 racing drivers, will be hired to spend time with drivers and show them how to hone their racing skills.  Best let loose on the track rather than the street!!



The owner of the vehicle who is the main driver must be a TOCA Member.  In part, this is a public liability issue when it comes to travel to and from the Circuit.  The second driver in the car (if any) does not need to be a Member.


Otherwise, this event is for everyone - from the inexperienced to the experienced, the nervous and the confident.  You will take away skills such as apexing (racing and late apexs) and cornering, skid control and other aspects that you can apply to your everyday driving.  This experience will make you a better driver, so don't be deterred if you are inexperienced.  The idea is to have fun and know the limitations of your car.


This is an adults only participation event.  Adults and kids can come along as spectators off the track area free of charge.  Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  Please don't ask for any exemptions - they will not be given.  Due to the risks involved, anyone breaching this rule will be asked to leave the venue.  Safety is paramount and TOCA must ensure the risk to a child spectator is reduced to a minimum.  Please, folks, it is difficult enough but if a child is wandering away from their adult supervisor, this rule will be invoked.  TOCA seeks your understanding in regards to this - it is for the safety of the child.


This will be an exciting day.  Depending on numbers, we will either hire the entire track for the day, or more likely, we will rent one pit lane dedicated to us.  The Professional Drivers will be for TOCA event attendees only, so we will get great exposure.



With specialised racing coaches onsite, improve your times with a track walk and group coaching. Join us at Pheasant Wood Circuit - just 1.5 hours from Sydney and Canberra, a track that is sure to test your skills. 



  • Format: Sessions 20 minutes with alternating groups, Unlimited Laps (9am-4pm)
  • Prices are per vehicle with a maximum of two drivers per vehicle (indicate 1 or 2 drivers
  • Minimum Track Day License required - available at the track ($35 one day)
  • AASA and Motorsport Australia Licences accepted

Driving your own vehicle:

  • Please ensure all loose items are removed from the car
  • Check tyre pressures, charge state.  Reduce tyre pressures before entering the track as tyres will heat up.
  • Charging is available 5 minutes from the track at Marulan and 20 minutes at Exeter


Promo video:



As your car will be driven on private property at higher speeds, it is not covered under any standard car insurance policy.  Members (car owners) are responsible for arranging their own car insurance (no insurance company I am aware of will cover this kind of activity).  The company we are using to run the event on the day holds a public liability insurance only - this does not cover your car etc but covers them against injury claims.  TOCA cannot provide any further advice on the issue of insurance - this is the owner's responsibility to accept liability for any damage that may be sustained to their vehicle.



Numbers are key so we need at least 10 cars / people interested in attending.  If we don't get these numbers, the event will be cancelled.  We also need to pay a deposit to secure the booking so please purchase your tickets early and get the numbers up so I can confirm the booking.  Don't leave it until the last minute.



Tickets must be purchased prior to the event closing.  Only TOCA Members can purchase tickets.  Please log onto the TOCA website using your TOCA credentials (or use MemberJungle App) and click on the Member Only Track Day event where tickets and registrations are permitted.



$375 per car and driver

$160 for an additional driver in the same car

Helmet hire for the day: $35 (available from the track)

Track Day licence (if required): $35



After the huge success of the last Track Day held in November 2023 and May 2024, many members have been asking for more Track Days.  This is a prime opportunity to buy a ticket and come along and enjoy yourself.  Drive within your own ability.  While we all want to believe we are Peter Brock or Dick Johnson prodigies, ultimately we must ensure our own safety and that of your car.  We want a fun day and it will be just that.


TOCA runs these Track Days due to the interest by some Members.  Ongoing support for similar motor sport style events is dependent on interest showed at these Track Days, so for those interested in testing their driving ability, please support the event by attending.



1.  Can I bring my ICE car or another brand EV?

As this is a Tesla Owners Club of Australia event, all vehicles must be Teslas.  This is in keeping with the ethos of the Club and to display the performance of Teslas against all other cars.  This is not a general day for anyone - it is a TOCA event.


2.  Can I bring my family?

Of course!  The restrictions of the event apply to those who intend to go on the track in the car.  Families with kids can sit on the side of the track in the spectator's area and watch.  All children must be supervised by a responsible adult AT ALL TIMES.


3.  Why can't children ride as passengers in the car on the track? 

Due to TOCA's public liability insurance and commitment to safety, any person in a car on the track (drivers or passengers) MUST be 18 years or older.  As this is an organised Club group event, TOCA is maintaining a risk management approach to ensure we can do more events like this one.  We are committed to safety and TOCA wishes to maximise the safety of all participants.  We appreciate your understanding in this regard.


4.  What kind of course is this?

Track day is not really a course but an experience.  V8 Supercar drivers will be on hand to instruct everyone on cornering, skid control, apexing, racing lines etc, and will provide the driver with instructions on how to handle a car at speed on a road.  This is not a Defensive Driving course.  It is not a race.  It is a day to drive around a track, at times at high speed limits with professional drivers instructing you on good driving practices and within the limits you feel comfortable. 


5.  Can I charge my Tesla at the track?  I think they have powerpoints.

All attendees MUST NOT charge at the track but travel to Marulan or Exeter to charge.  


Please do not ask Track Management about charging at the track - we wish to ensure the continuation of these events so need to maintain a good relationship with the track.  TOCA management does not want to manage issues on the day with charging schedules etc.  Please don't be that person that ruins it for everyone.


6.  Do I have to drive fast?

No.  You drive at the pace you feel comfortable.  It is a day to feel how your car handles around corners and at speeds a little quicker than you do on the road.  If you wish to participate in the Hot Lap sessions, you can.  If not, that's fine too.


7.  Can my mate who is a non-TOCA member be my second driver.

Yes.  As long as one driver is a TOCA member.


8.  Can I transfer my Track Day ticket to another person?

No.  Tickets are non-transferrable.  


9.  My neighbour owns another brand EV.  Can I invite him and his vehicle to join us?

Your neighbour needs to meet two criteria.  a. A TOCA Member, and b. he needs to bring a Tesla that he owns.  He cannot attend with his non-Tesla brand EV nor can he attend if he owns a Tesla but is not a TOCA Member.  Remember, the owner and main driver must be a TOCA member and the car must be a Tesla owned by the TOCA Member attending.



Event Location
NSW 2579
Contact Details
Ross Hetherington

Friday 1st Nov 2024 - Sunday 3rd Nov 2024
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