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Oct 27

ACT TOCA "Bootcamp" for New and Prospective Tesla Owners - PLACEHOLDER DATE

Date & Time
27 October 2024 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
(UTC+11:00) Australia/Sydney


TOCA ACT is running a "Bootcamp" familiarisation course for new Tesla owners, the not so new, and for potential owners.  The sessions are designed so that participants will know how to get the very best experience out of their car by showing its features, maintenance and care, and learning everything about Teslas and EVs in general.


Open to: Non-Members and Members.  This is a public event.  There is no requirement to be a Tesla Owners of Australia (TOCA) member to attend our sessions.


Age Criteria to Attend: Anyone old enough to hold a Driver's Licence can attend.  There are no provisions available for childcare or other like arrangements.  Only ticket holders will be permitted in the conference room. 


Target Audience: New Tesla owners, people who have a Tesla on order, or people who are seriously considering ordering a Tesla. 


Non-Tesla Brand EVs: TOCA Bootcamps are geared 100% towards Teslas and most of the content does not apply to non-Tesla brand vehicles.  If you do not own a Tesla, more general knowledge sessions on owning an EV and charging are run by the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA).  



ACT TOCA is running a "Bootcamp" in late October 2024 for new and prospective Tesla owners. This is a great course to undertake if you want to know more about your Tesla. From Battery Management to Charging, from Driver Profiles to the Lightshow, the course will take you through the seemingly complex world of the Tesla EV.  After the course, you will be able to use all the features of your Tesla (or the Tesla you are considering ordering) and benefit from the amazing technology hidden away behind the centre screen and under your car seat.


You don't need to be a member of TOCA to come along, but you do need to register and purchase a ticket via this website.



The Bootcamp is designed to familiarise potential and actual owners with Tesla vehicles. The course is designed specifically for the Model 3 and Model Y users, but many concepts apply to the Model S and X as well.  


The presenters are all experienced Tesla enthusiasts and vehicle owners who will provide a great introduction to your new Tesla vehicle. A Model Y and a Model 3 will be on site so we can take you through the process.


We’ll start in the classroom and will then progress to some hands-on experience. Topics to be covered:


Busting some myths about Tesla ownership (i.e. FAQs)

Fun tips and tricks

Charging demystified

Planning awesome road trips

That’s a big screen (interior guide)

So shiny! (exterior guide)

The Tesla Mobile App - how to customise it and use its features

Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Accessories

Camping and Towing


Bring your Tesla along (if you have received yours yet) so you can set it up while you are there. You will learn some of the hidden tricks from our experts on site. Ask them the hard questions!



How to Purchase a Ticket

Please read the three steps for ticket purchase.  Please remember your TOCA Membership only covers you.  Partners etc must also be a member to be eligible to receive the TOCA discount otherwise they must pay full price.


1. TOCA Full or Associate Member attending with a non-TOCA partner, friend etc:  Please ensure you are not logged on with your TOCA login. If you are, log out and re-enter the Event. The ticket price should show $35. Click on the Ticket button and select "Continue without Logging In" button. This will register you as a guest.  Please fill out your guest's (or partner's) name and details and create a guest account.  Please purchase tickets for all non-TOCA participants via this process. After purchasing the non-member tickets, you can then buy your ticket. Log onto the TOCA website with your TOCA details and then re-enter the events section. Your log-on details automatically applies the discount on the ticket price for your member ticket.


2. TOCA Full or Associate Members attending with a TOCA Partner member (who holds a separate TOCA membership number): Please log onto the TOCA website using your logon details. The discount will be applied to both your tickets. Please ensure you complete the membership numbers for each person receiving the discount in the appropriate fields during the purchase process. Please do not purchase tickets for non-members while logged in with your account.


3. Non-TOCA Members / General Public Admission:  Please purchase your ticket by clicking the Tickets Button and then selecting "Continue without Logging In". This allows you to purchase your tickets without membership credentials. Leave the TOCA membership fields blank.  The next screen then asks non-members to create an on-line account - this is not a TOCA Membership but puts a name against a ticket and allows you to edit details later.  After the event, you will be asked to provide feedback.  If you are not a TOCA member, you will receive no further communication from us after the feedback email.  TOCA upholds a strict privacy policy.


***IMPORTANT NOTICE*** Unfortunately, we are unable to accept payments on the day or permit entry to those without a valid ticket. Please bring a copy of your emailed invoice after your ticket purchase for every person attending with you to show to the coordinator on the day of the event. You must purchase a ticket via this website (or for members, via MemberJungle phone app) for each person attending PRIOR to the event and before tickets and registrations close. This is due to both catering issues, public liability, and course and venue attendee limits. We request your understanding in this regard.


If you have registered and paid for your tickets correctly, you will receive an emailed receipt with the tickets listed. We suggest you also check that a transaction has appeared on your credit card statement. Please ensure the amounts and totals are correct on the ticket purchase.  Make sure you check your spam mail box for the confirmation of registration.  If you did not receive the registration email, check your credit card statement for an entry.  If both are negative, it means you have not successfully purchased a ticket.



TOCA is a non-profit car club but we do need to cover costs of venue hire, catering and the like.  The presenters are unpaid volunteers so the amounts charged reflect cost recovery.


**IMPORTANT - if you wish to become a TOCA Member and receive the discounted Member price for the ticket, please become a member and obtain a membership number BEFORE buying your tickets as we cannot refund any difference etc after purchase.  It may take a week or so to process your club Membership so to receive the ticket discount, please wait until you become a Member and you receive your TOCA logon details.  The discount is applied based on your TOCA logon credentials.  We cannot make adjustments after the fact.


For people who are not interested in joining TOCA but still wish to come along, please follow the prompts via the ticketing system.  You will be required to create a guest logon account so please complete these fields so that we can put a name etc against a ticket.  This helps us on the day ensure that people attending hold a valid ticket.


The Ticket Costs are:

$35 non-member ticket per person (click here if you wish to join TOCA and become an awesome Member with great benefits).

$28 TOCA Full Member, Associate or Partner Member (after discounts applied when purchasing the tickets)

Tea / Coffee and biscuits will be provided on the day, included in the cost and available in the room. 


We will break for lunch - Attendees will need to purchase their own lunch (or bring their own). The Club has a bistro and bar.


See here for the bistro menu.


TOCA Full / Associate / Partner Memberships: A 20% discount is applied when purchasing your ticket.  PLEASE READ THE SECTION ABOVE ON "HOW TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKET".  You can purchase a second ticket for your partner in your account by simply selecting two tickets if your partner holds a TOCA Partner MembershipYou must quote both yours and your partner's TOCA numbers (they are different numbers) when purchasing the ticket in the relevant field.  The discount will be applied to both tickets.


If your partner does not hold a TOCA Full, Associate or Partner Membership, you will need to log out and purchase their tickets using a guest login.  See the instructions above under the relevant section on how to purchase a ticket for non-members.


**SAFETY NOTICE RE CHILDREN**: Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate children at this event.  


We will also be undertaking classroom work as well as outdoor hands-on work so we need the event to flow smoothly without interruptions.  There is no child-minding areas at the facility.


We seek your understanding in this decision.


Time, Date and Place

Saturday 16 March 2024

09.30 am – 4:00 pm (doors + attendance checks opens 9:15 am)



Weston Creek Labor Club,

Teesdale Place, Stirling ACT 2611

What3Words Ref:  App Ref:  ///dusty.joke.tuck


TOCA Membership

If you have a friend who has or is about to place an order for their Tesla, we strongly recommend they become Full Members of TOCA before registering for this event. This will provide them with access to discounts for EV products and charger installations. Plus, they will receive a discount for the Bootcamp!  Full Members also have access to the TOCA Cable Adapter Loan Program.  This is very handy when going on long trips or if you are buying your first Tesla and have not yet installed a Home Charger.  You can loan a charging adapter or cable kit to meet your needs for a short period of time.


Interstate Visitors

For those travelling from interstate and require overnight accommodation, Woden is the closest town centre for motel accommodation.  The Abode in Woden or The Statesman Hotel in Curtin are two choices.  Alternatively, Civic, or accommodation in Griffith, Manuka or Kingston are all within 15 minutes drive time.  Attendees are responsible for their own accommodation arrangements.



A week or two out from the event, you will receive an email with full joining instructions. If you do not receive further emails from us about the event, please again check you have registered via the website and that you hold electronic tickets.  


Please bring a hat and sunburn cream...oh, and your Tesla (or your other car if you have not yet had your Tesla ordered or delivered).  Consider also bringing an umbrella (to keep the sun or rain off you) and wet weather gear if the weather is bad.  While we will spend only a small amount of time outdoors, there are some external demonstrations.


Final Points

TOCA ACT welcomes both Members and Non-Members to participate in this event.  While it is a long day, we do cover a lot of material and it provides you with the opportunity to ask questions about your car.  Most questions inevitably are about battery management and charging plugs and infrastructure. 


TOCA will show you how to get the best out of your battery, your Tesla, how to charge, and what plugs to use, and how to get around long trips where charging infrastructure is sparse.  We have Members who frequently visit remote Northern Territory locations, who travel around Australia, and who go camping and off the beaten track in their Teslas.  Come and learn from their experiences. 


We may also have presentations from various business partners. These partners provide valuable additional information about their products and offer discounts to TOCA Members.


This is a Tesla oriented event and as such are able to concentrate on the features of Teslas as well as providing information generic about EVs in general.


Event Location
Teesdale Place
Stirling ACT 2611
Contact Details
Ms Kate Hetherington

Friday 4th Oct 2024 - Monday 7th Oct 2024
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