ACT "Bootcamp" a Hit

20th March 2023
By Craig Harvey
ACT TOCA held Bootcamp 1/2023 on 18 March 2023 at the Sutton Road Driver Training Facility. The event saw over 24 TOCA Members and Non-Members attend to learn more about their incredible cars. A great day was had with many questions at an awesome facility.

The ACT TOCA Bootcamp for New Owners was held on 18th March 2023 at the Sutton Road Training Centre, located on the ACT / NSW border. The event was a massive success with 24 attendees (excluding presenters, sponsors and TOCA Committee members). With content presented by local TOCA members and appearances from partners Sunstak and EV Stealth Solutions, all attendees got a great grounding in life as a Tesla owner. 

Our classroom was located within a driver training facility, next to the skid pan – with presenters keeping the audience focused over the squeals of rubber from defensive driver training students finding their limits nearby. 

We had a guest appearance from TOCA President Pete Thorne, extolling the virtues of TOCA membership and our community. He seemed to enjoy the venue and the atmosphere of the day. 

There was lots of great questions and discussions from the cohort. We tackled all the great EV-owning myths like charge time, battery obsolescence and maintenance costs. Then we ventured outside to get familiar with the vehicles – duly noting the excellent wash jobs on both the Model 3 and Model Y on display. 

Special thanks to Sutton Road Training Centre for their generous support on the day. 


Presenters on the day:

Pete Thorne

Kristy Chromicky

Ross Hetherington

Craig Harvey

Richard Ko (Sunstak)

Michael Hua (EV Stealth Solutions)


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