ACT Easter Eggs Found - Bunny Hopping Mad!

8th April 2023
By Jenni Vincent
ACT TOCA Easter Egg hunt was a hopping success, with the TOCA kids finding the Easter Bunny's secret map and eating all the eggs hidden around Canberra.


On Saturday April 8, ACT TOCA held an Easter Egg hunt.  The eggs were hidden in a secret location and the link was sent to the families on registering for the event.


It poured with rain all day Friday so it was looking like we might have had to cancel but on Saturday morning the sun was shining. 


We all met at 11am at the designated spot at the National Gallery of Australia and the children (Molly, Sophie, Aurora and Eddy) followed the bunny paw prints along the path, through the trees and down the ramp. 


The Easter Bunny had hidden some eggs throughout the NGA garden and the children had their maps to follow and bags to collect what they found.


After all the eggs were found, we all headed to the cafe for coffee, lunch and a chat.  Our little hunters did a great job finding them all.


We all had a lot of fun and seeing the smiles on their little faces was just great!



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