TAS - Mystery Drive to Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm

23rd August 2023
By Charles Gregory
Northern Tasmanian owners went for a Mystery Drive to the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm.

Northern Tasmanian owners went for a Mystery Drive!


Participants gathered at the Kings Meadows ultra-rapid chargers on the southern side of Launceston, where local contact Adam was ready to meet and co-ordinate the departure.  The target was announced as the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm, near Elizabeth Town.


They travelled in convoy and met up with Charles, who had travelled north from Hobart (via the Lake Highway) to meet the group.


A special welcome was made to Philip and his wife, who were on holiday from Queensland and came along for our drive!



The Raspberry Farm is a well known institution in Tassie and serves many well known delicacies, almost all involving (as you would expect) raspberries of some sort!  The sunny weather also allowed some of the (camera shy) four legged participants to enjoy a walk around the nearby lake.



The car park was fairly full (included a random Ioniq 6!) so gathering all the vehicles together was a challenge!


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