TOCA NSW (and Nationally) - Successfully "Zooming into Xmas"

17th December 2023
By Steven Du

TOCA NSW successfully held perhaps the Australia-first virtual gathering for TOCA members, aptly named "Zooming into Xmas," linking our contemporary members during this bustling holiday season.


TOCA - Merry Christmas Elegant Red And Gold Zoom Virtual Background


The event not only served as a unifying force for TOCA enthusiasts but also underscored the adaptability of this cutting-edge virtual platform. In the midst of holiday excitement, our members made new connections and rekindled old friendships, all from the cosy confines of their homes.


The virtual rendezvous began with a member attempting to join from his Model S, only to discover that this innovative feature was exclusive to the Australian M3 and MY models—a humorous nod to the ever-evolving landscape of technology.


Zoom - Father Xmas


Injecting a festive spirit, participants donned virtual and real Santa hats, raised toasts, and shared glimpses of their furry friends (remarkably, a congregation of cats) against the backdrop of Christmas-themed Zoom backgrounds, transforming the meeting into a delightful visual spectacle.


Amidst the cheerful ambiance the TOCA NSW State Representative, Steven Du, led the discussion, navigating the latest updates on the Model 3 (dubbed "Highland") and engaged the group in compelling conversations about Tesla's audacious innovations, notably the controversial and unsurprisingly stalkless steering wheel. For those eager to delve deeper, please check your email on 9/12/2023 for Steven's report, with the Email subject line: "TOCA NSW Update: xxxx". Alternatively, you can access the report directly using this link:


029-2024-Tesla-Model-3-AWD-Long-Range-front-three-quarter-view copy



What commenced as a festive gathering on Zoom transcended its scheduled time, prompting a seamless transition to Google Meet to satiate our collective appetite for extended online interaction. This modern and convenient celebration not only eliminated the constraints of travel and time but also delivered the joy of the season directly to each member's doorstep.


Everything-electric-australia-events-banner-2024-1-min-768x576 (1)


As the virtual festivities unfolded, discussions naturally gravitated towards the exciting possibilities of 2024. Members enthusiastically shared ideas for upcoming TOCA NSW events, with a keen focus on the much-anticipated "Everything Electric 2024 - Fully Charged Live" show in Sydney, scheduled for February 9th to 11th, 2024. The palpable anticipation for this event, coupled with the resounding success of "Zooming into Xmas," underscores that TOCA NSW is more than an automotive community—it is a dynamic and forward-thinking family embracing the forefront of technology and connectivity.

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