ACT Gin, Wine and Fine Dining in Tumbarumba

9th February 2023
By Ross Hetherington
Our TOCA ACT overnight trip to Tumbarumba, NSW to sample the region's wines and tour the local gin distillery was an absolute blast! An amazing trip to Australia's best kept secret - Tumbarumba. 
The Australian High Country never fails to amaze, whether it is nature walks or ... a gin and wine trip with fine dining thrown in. Those who missed out - well, you missed a really great time! Next time!

It was advertised as an awesome trip and well, let me say, it was truly awesome!  Incredible springs to mind.  One of those events that takes a few days to put it out of your head.


ACT TOCA hosted an overnight trip to the Tumbarumba region in the High Country of the NSW Snowy Mountains.  While many of us know the east side of the Snowys with Jindabyne and the ski resorts, the west side of the mountains are just as beautiful with a uniqueness one can only describe as Australian natural wilderness.


Travelling in convoy from Canberra, an early start saw us hitting the Gundagai Superchargers a little after 10 AM.  Rent a crowd - the Superchargers went from zero to nearly full within a minute.  We all topped up while enjoying a coffee, and then headed off the beaten track to Tumbarumba.  Note to self - remember SCers stop at 80% when more than 50% are occupied!!).


Now, this convoy was unusual in that the Model 3 did not have the most representation in the group; and we didn't have any Model Ys on the trip.  Surprisingly enough, the Model S took out the most represented, and the poor Model X and Model 3 had to sit in a shared second place.


Taking the minor roads, the scenery and small towns were breathtaking.  A trickling brook, the odd stream, and many beautiful oases were discovered on our trek via Adelong and onto Tumbarumba.  Beautiful views of the valley were had from high up in the forestry area.


Arriving in Tumbarumba, we immediately went to the Ladbroken Gin Distillery, a small family owned business that makes truly wonderful gin.  Taste test after taste test aaffanftnerrrr tasssktteee tesssssssssetrtte, we then staggered (walked) to the distillery room and had a great presentation by both the Gin expert (Robbie) and her husband the Moonshine and Whiskey expert (Neil).  It was clear Robbie did not want anything (including Whiskey) to touch her brand name - and rightly so - Ladbroken Gin is a stand out product of excellent quality. 


After check in at the hotel, there was some downtime.  Some had a power nap, some went for a short walk around the hotel, while others ventured to the start of the Rosewood Rail Head at the old Tumbarumba Station and walked along the old track which is now a great bikeway. 


At 6.30 pm, we had an appointment at Courobyra Winery, a NSW Cellar Door winner.  We sat down and had a magnificent meal with desserts to die for!  The views were lovely, and we watched the deep red sunset turn into a cloudless and starlit night.


Sunday was just as busy, with a morning breakfast at the Tumbarumba Bakery (their coffee machine broke down would you believe) and then off to Paddy's River Waterfall.  Too cold for a dip, but the spray from the falls was refreshing.  A hidden gem.


We then headed out to Obsession Wines and sampled again some delicious wines.  Bottles bought, Teslas put on trickle charge thanks to the 23 kW solar panel on their roof.  Thanks Adrian and Ellen from Obsession Winery.


On the same property, we walked down to Braymont Gardens where the group wandered through a beautiful collection of different plants, flowers and animals.  Geese, chooks, and a wonderful tree church nestled inside a hedge provided a lovely area to sit down in the shade, relax, and enjoy the incredible view of the Snowy Mountains.  Mt Kosciusko is only a stones throw away.   


Next was lunch - home cooked and delicious chicken, salmon strips and quiche Lorraine, with some indulging in the dessert, an almond honey cake with home-made ice-cream.  The owners, Chris and John were very accommodating and welcoming.  It was a fantastic afternoon.  We all said our good-byes at Braymont - some stayed a while longer to chat, others headed off to Thredbo, and the remainder drove back to Canberra.  


Overall, a truly wonderful weekend.  I for one am keen on a repeat trip sometime later in the year!


Check out the photos.

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