VIC Cars & Coffee April 2023

22nd April 2024
By Chris Quin
Victoria held one its regular Cars & Coffee events, with a large attendance and a surprise appearance by a Model Y in the new Quicksilver colour.

TOCA in Victoria runs regular Cars & Coffee events, which allow members to catch up, share information and enjoy a good coffee. 

April's event near the Box Hill Supercharger had a large participation by members, including some who have newly joined TOCA.


There was also the surprise attendance of a Model Y in the new Quicksilver colour, kindly lent to TOCA by Tesla for this event.


All agreed it was a stunning colour, and people noticed the other improvements that have come with this mild refresh, including darker Gemini wheel covers and improved cameras.

May's Cars & Coffee event is in Member Jungle now, and we look forward to seeing everyone there.


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