Morning Tea Catchup then Lunch at Source Dining

25th March 2018
Morning tea catchup then lunch at Source Dining

On 25 March we met at Tesla Cremorne for morning tea and to talk all things Tesla. At around 11-00, 17 Teslas departed for Source Dining, a hatted restaurant in Kyneton.

We stopped at Essendon Fields to regroup and take some photos.

Source dining created a menu just for us – by all reports everyone enjoyed the day.

Tesla provided us with some fantastic prizes for our raffle. Pam Prime and Ross Middleton each one a night at Circa 1860 whilst the other prizes were very well-received. Lucky winner of the day was Tom Hissink who had said to partner Geri that he only wanted to win the jacket, and Geri had the winning ticket!

Four destination chargers are installed at the back of Source Dining and Circa 1860.


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