Berowra Waters drive and lunch

29th July 2018
Our convoy of six Teslas weaved their way up to Galston Gorge and then to Berowra Waters. Following lunch we squeezed on to the ferry for a scenic finish!

Our trip started at Tesla St Leonards with a team effort to fix the coffee machine (successfully) followed by a convoy of six Tesla's through the back streets of Chatswood and Hornsby.  After a brief rest at Rofe Park we headed off through Galston Gorge and then via Arcadia to Berowra Waters.  We attracted a bit of attention on the drive with plenty of thumbs up from cyclists and a few other motorists on the way through.

With the trusty Teslas parked safely in a group we caught up with new and old friends over a great fish and chips lunch by the marina.  Hotly debated topics included why time goes faster as you get older and whether we would sink the ferry when we tried to squeeze our cars aboard!

After a brief wait to give priority to an Ambulance that needed to cross the waterway, we set an unofficial record for the most Teslas on the Berowra Waters Ferry (6 out of 13 cars).  It was a tight squeeze, but the air suspension set on very high helped with the angle of the loading ramps.  After disembarking safely we waved farwell to our Tesla team for the day and headed off to enjoy the rest of a sunny sunday afternoon.

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