Blue mountains drive and lunch

4th November 2018
By James Hayward
From St Leonards we headed in convoy via Richmond to The Hydro Majestic Hotel for lunch

After topping up our caffeine levels (for the humans) and charge levels (for the cars) at the St Leonards store we headed out in convoy on to the M2 and then up Windsor Road.  After a brief photo stop opposite Richmond RAAF base we began our climb up the mountains via Springwood.

Upon arrival at the Hydro Majestic hotel we met a seventh Tesla and sat down for a leisurely and very tasty lunch in the Boiler House restaurant overlooking the Megalong valley. 

Our visit as pioneers of an electric future had a historic synergy with the original purpose of the restaurant building which originally generated electricity to wow guests of the hotel in the early 1900s way before the electricity grid was established in the area.  Thankfully our meals and destination charging (for some) were more reliable than those early days!

Following lunch we headed back down the mountain via Bells Line Road.

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