Australia Day at Cassegrain Wines

17th February 2019
By James Hayward
TOCA members attended the Cassegrain Winery Australia Day "between the vines" event.

On a stinking hot Australia Day afternoon TOCA members from NSW and QLD attended Cassegrain Winery's inaugral Australia Day "Between the Vines" car show.

The event attracted in the order of 50 classic and exotic cars for a display in the winery grounds.

Live music, a bar and a fair crowd of exhibitors and interested visitors created a relaxed friendly atmosphere to chat about the cars and answer the usual questions about range, price, perfomance and charging.  The last question was easily answered by pointing up the hill to the Tesla Superchargers!


TOCA attendees came from Sydney, the local area and the Gold Coast, with some brave (daft?) enough to drive there and back in the one day from Sydney!


It was a fun event and one that we would consider attending again next year.

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