Drive to Sublime Point

24th February 2019
By James Hayward
A leisurely Sunday drive to Sublime Point on Sunday 24th February.

After meeting at St Leonards we headed southwards in an eight car convoy to the entry to the Royal National Park.

A perfectly positioned RBT point at the entry to the park allowed us to regroup our convoy and head deep in to the park along some great scenic roads to our second meeting point at Stanwell Tops Lookout.

After collecting another two cars we headed off along Lawrence Hargrave Drive including travelling over the almost surreal Sea Cliff Bridge towards Clifton and Scarborough.  Unfortunately heavy traffic slowed us down and prevented too many great shots, but you can't have it all!

We finally made it up the hill to a group lunch at the Sublime Point Cafe and a chance to catch up over some great food and drink.

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