Plug Me In finish event

7th April 2019
By James Hayward
Convoy to Plug Me In finish event

Many of our members had become aware of Wiebe Wakker's Plug Me In project via social media posts or news stories and had been following his travels across the world from the Netherlands to Australia.

The project was a mixture of social experiment and a challenge to prove that the journey could be done in an electric car.  Wiebe relied upon people volunteering a bed for the night, a meal and somewhere to plug in and recharge his converted VW Golf wagon as he travelled literally across the world.

This event marked the finale of his travels with a shout out to TOCA and AEVA members to come a join a rally from Tesla St Leonards to the official photo finish on Bennelong Lawn opposite the Sydney Opera House.

Approximately 40 cars, predominantly Teslas, but also iMievs, Leafs, i3s and others gathered at a grid locked Tesla showroom before heading off in convoy towards the bridge.  Despite some ICE infiltrators and a few wrong turns the group made it first to a catch up at Mrs Macquarie's Chair and then onwards to the finish line.

The event attracted attendees from Sydney, Canberra, Victoria and even overseas and provided a great positive story for the media in a sea of anti-EV stories that had been running in the previous week.

The majority of attendees headed off afterwards for a catch up with new and old friends at the Opera Bar as the sun set over a great afternoon in great company.

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