Successful Silos Supercharger event

15th July 2019
By Darryl
Members ascended on Silos Winery to use the new Superchargers, sample some great wine and eat delicious food.

Over fifty TOCA members ascended on Silos Estate Winery.  Raj and Sophie welcomed us to their Winery and Tesla Superchargers.  Raj not only took us on a journey of his wines, but also told of their sea change, and commitment to the environment. Their story of never ending applications, approvals, and certifications for the various works required for the Supercharger installation made us appreciate them even more. With more than twenty Tesla’s queued up to use them, the superchargers were successfully stress tested.

Using our bright green wrist bands and name tags as belonging to a group, we all enjoyed a generous serving of paella and a glass of wine. “We must do this again” was heard as people departed to head home.



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