A truly national club!

22nd August 2019
By President and Secretary
Following a very successful AGM TOCA can truly claim to have a national presence with the new committee having members from all eight states and territories.

This year's Annual General Meeting was held at 2pm AEST on Saturday 17th August 2019.

Historically the TOCA committee was formed predominantly from members in NSW, ACT and VIC with limited representation from other states and territories.  The outgoing committee were very keen to see our national status better reflected and this year's AGM met this goal on four levels.

Firstly we had AGM locations in every single State and Territory giving all members an opportunity to personally participate in the AGM.

Secondly a special resolution was proposed, and passed unanimously by the members of the club eligible to vote, to change our rules so that a space is reserved on the committee for a representative from every State and Territory.

Thirdly we received nominations from members in all States and Territories.

And finally we now have a newly elected committee with at least one representative from each State and Territory! 

We believe that this is a fantastic result and congratulate the new committee on their election.  We would also like to sincerely thank the outgoing committee, our AGM site coordinators and those that nominated for roles on the committtee, but weren't successful in election.  We encourage everyone to stay involved with running the club including events.

Your newly elected committee are as follows:

  • President - Mark Tipping (VIC)
  • Vice President - Darryl Bourke (ACT)
  • Secretary - James Hayward (NSW)
  • Treasurer - Pete Thorne (NSW)
  • Marc Talloen (QLD)
  • Ken Taylor (WA)
  • Helen Smith (TAS)
  • Jenny Potts (VIC)
  • Richard Smith (NT)
  • Richard McNeall (NSW)
  • Phil Smith (SA)
  • Andrew Chapman (VIC)
  • Michael Barwell (NSW

The detailed minutes and office bearer reports can be found on the AGM2019 page on our website once you log in (under club benefits).


For those that were able to join us in Bathurst we celebrated the conclusion of the AGM with a 20 strong victory lap of Mount Panorama and then caught up with friends over a great dinner back at the hotel.  The following morning the majority of our cohort were able to meet up for a casual breakfast in town at Sweet Caramel before heading off on our separate, near silent, ways!  A big thanks to Mark Edwards for organising the venue!


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