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Membership of TOCA will provide you:

  • Access to Tesla premises (and Tesla personnel on occasion) for events
  • Borrowing of a variety of charging adapters through our Adapter Loan Program (Full Membership only) 
  • Direct communication (via the Club) to Tesla to submit comments and suggestions
  • Access to local, interstate and national events every year (all members will be informed of events across Australia to allow for travelling Tesla owners, though all events will not be open to all members)
  • Member newsletter, which will include Press information from Tesla
  • Member discounts with businesses that support Tesla owners
  • Access to member only Facebook group
  • TOCA merchandise
  • A national platform for lobbying on matters relevant to electric vehicles and Tesla Owners



Member Type Annual Membership Fee
Full Member $25

We only accept payments via Visa and Mastercard.


Please also consider joining the "Australian Electric Vehicles Association"


NOTE 1: If you are renewing your membership then please login first and then you will be given the option to renew from the login page or from this Membership page





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