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Round Australia Electric Highway

List of Successful Elec Vehicle Trips Around Aust


Media writeups for the Round Australia Electric Highway and the road trips that helped make it a reality.

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Completion of the Round Australia Electric Highway

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Tesla owners roll out Australia-wide charging network ... for all EVs - RenewEconomy - June 2018   Thanks RenewEconomy ! ! !  The story that got the ball rolling !

Around Australia Electric Highway - now complete! - AEVA - June 2018

Aussie Tesla Owners Build Open-to-All Round Australia Charging Network - AutoEvolution - June 2018

TOCA & AEVA Complete Private Electric Car Charging Network For Australia - Clean Technica - June 2018  Our first international media.  Thanks Clean Technica !

Aussie Tesla owners built their own charging network - Electrive - June 2018

Tesla owners team up to create charging network in Australia - Electrek - June 2018

The Electric Highway - Private Fleet - June 2018

Tesla: Electric car network now spans almost all of Australia - NewsCorp - June 2018

@teslaownersau created a charging network across Australia so you can travel from your home to P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way in a single charge - Tweet - Tesla Inc - June 2016

  • Retweeted by Elon Musk himself !

Tesla electric car owners release round Australia charging station map - Energy Matters - June 2018 

Aussie Tesla drivers help fix gaps in electric charging network - 9 Finance Business news - June 2018

Tesla Australia triples revenue despite slow take up of electric cars - The Australian Business Review - June 2018

Fully charged: Australia’s new road revolution - The Chronicle - June 2018

You can now drive an electric car right around Australia without range anxiety - Business Insider - June 2018

People power builds 17,000km electric highway around Australia - Kid's news - June 2018

Australia-wide EV charging network now a reality - Motoring - June 8, 2018



Queensland Main Route and Shortcut - Marc Talloen

Road Trip:

Tesla adventure in Outback Queensland and North-QLD (Qld completion or main route PLUS Gladstone to NT direct shortcut) - TMC - Sept to Oct 2017



WA 100km Grid - David Lloyd, Rob Dean, Synergy, AEVA and TOCWA Teams

The Project:



Red Centre - Richard Bentley, Richard McNeall, Darryl Bourke, Greg Partridge

Road Trip:

Red Centre Adventure!  - TMC - August 2017



A pit stop on the way to Darwin - Northern Argus - August 2017

Coober Pedy

Alice Springs

NT News

Electric car stops in Port Augusta - The Transcontinental - September 2017

Petrol cars to die out in less than 10 years - Daily Telegraph - September 2017



Round Australia - Richard McNeall

Road Trip:

Anticlockwise Adventure! (Round Australia road trip seeking 3 phase) - TMC - August to October 2016



Electric car charges through Portland - Portland Observer - October 2016




Perth to Broome - Rob Dean

Road Trip:

Outback Mystery Tour (3 phase Perth to Broome) - TMC - June to July 2016



Electric vehicle charging networks rolled out across WA, Qld - RenewEconomy - June 2017

New Kimberley charging stations powering our driving future - RenewEconomy - March 2018



The Nullarbor - Matt Kemner, David Lloyd

Road Trip:

Perth to Brisbane (Establishing the Nullarbor 3 phase route) - TMC - May to June 2016

Perth to Brisbane (Charging and Route Building Summary) - TMC - June 2018



Driving an electric vehicle across the Nullarbor is now routine - RenewEconomy - December 2017



East Coast 3 Phase Pioneer - Marc Talloen

Road Trip / Media:

Tesla Model S in Australia: Breaking the shackles and conquering new frontiers (Brisbane to Canberra) - RenewEconomy - April 2015



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Round Australia Electric Highway

List of Successful Electric Vehicle Trips Around Australia