Supercharger Location Suggestions

We are providing feedback to Tesla from our TOCA Members regarding future locations for Superchargers.

If you have a specific location in mind please fill in the form below with as much details as possible.

Please note that it can take many months or even years from a site being suggested to a site going live and there's no guarantee any suggestion will be acted upon. There are many hurdles to jump. However, by us doing the work we can help Tesla approach sites with a warm lead than no lead at all.


General Site Requirements

  • 24 hour accessibility
  • Nearby Amenities, food and bathrooms
  • Adjacent/close to Freeway or Main Road
  • Accessible power

Power Requirements


  • 100amp available per car spot, for example an 8 bay site would need 800amp spare capacity at the transformer
  • Parking spots must be close to transformer and MSB, less than 50m is ideal, though can push out to 100m if absolutely necessary

For a site in Metro locations, e.g. Syd, Melb, Bris, Perth, we would be looking for a minimum of 8 parking spots.
For more Regional sites, we are happy to look at 4 bay sites as power can sometimes be limited.

Food and Drink Availablility
Site Photos / Images

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